• Our firm is a full member of AGN International,

    A global association of separate and independent accounting and advisory services.

AGN Regions


With High standards and high customer service at its heart, an association of independent and accounting and accounting advisory business

AGN International is composed of four regions. Regionally and worldwide, member firms collaborate to meet clients' needs and improve client service by sharing experience and knowledge, understanding of each other’s markets and the needs of clients with cross border requirements.

AGN Leadership

Under the global leadership of our CEO, Malcolm Ward, and our International Board, each region is led by a director or manager, in collaboration with a Regional board comprising senior professionals from the region's members. This is how we implement a global approach to standards and client service, with regional relevance to best serve members' clients.

Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region has the fastest growing economy in the world along with some of the world’s best economic performers. This region's growth is fueled by favorable finance, foreign investment and competition policies applied using international best practices.

In a region where economies are quickly changing, AP members are on top of latest developments and provide core services along with advisory, outsourcing and other "one-stop" solutions to accessing the Asia Pacific business opportunity.

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Central & South American

The Central & South American region is rich in natural resources, has a young population and emerging political environments that are paving the way for ample trade and international investment opportunities.

This region offers extraordinary geographic coverage with a presence in 14 countries. The Regional board represents the region’s four key areas: Central America, Brazil, North-Andean countries and South America, ensuring that members generate locally relevant intellectual property that is also relevant to clients worldwide.

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Powering up Europe’s single market with vibrant firms in the Middle East and Africa makes sense for all firms. While the markets in this region vary greatly, its purpose is to provide excellent business services from the Cape of Good Hope to Norway. This region provides specific programming in services for real estate, construction, and financial services, alongside expert knowledge on issues such as IFRS and VAT. Specialized committees keep the region dynamic and ensure members have expert knowledge.

Local experience can be mission-critical when it comes to business ventures. Count on this region to deliver specialist forensic accounting services in the UAE, advisory and risk management in Jordan and tax advisory services in Nigeria, as well as a full suite of services throughout Europe.

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North American region

The North American region covers Canada, USA and Mexico. NA excels in sharing specialized knowledge and support with a strong infrastructure to warehouse member-submitted documents. 

These documents are priceless in helping other members short circuit the time in updating their procedures and policies, both technical and firm management. 

NA focuses on creating strong member-to-member connections to serve clients and help members to reach their goals through growth-oriented strategies and continuing professional education programs, from first-year accountants through the partner group. Members receive support in practice management, superior client service (including access to experts and specialists), technology, marketing, human resources, and profit enhancement.

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