ADEL HABIB & CO. hosted the AGN West Asia & Africa Regional Meeting 

The AGN Meeting on the WEST ASIA & AFRICA was held on May 14 & 15  this year in the beautiful eastern shore of the Dead Sea - Jordan. Attendees from UNITED KINGDOMEGYPT, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, SOUTH AFRICA, TANZANIA, SRI LANKA & SAUDI ARABIA were represented in the meeting which was hosted  by ADEL HABIB & CO. JORDAN. All attendees were convened at one of the most unique places in the world (lowest point below sea level) , The Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa, Jordan. The AGN Regional Meeting is an opportunity for members to build strong relationships and confidence in fellow members’ knowledge and abilities. Involvement in the organization enhances capabilities, ultimately benefiting client.

 Through AGN, clients benefit from trusted and knowledgeable professionals worldwide.

 AGN International is:

 to the world
  represented in 92 countries
with 200 member firms
and 468 offices
and 10,700 partners and staff 

A successful pre - conference tour took place from 11-13 May; attendees had the chance to see and explore key sites and landmarks of Amman, Jerash, Madaba and the astonishing Petra. Delegates and companions took the opportunity to greet old friends and meet new faces while enjoying a sampling of Jordanian cuisine.

Meeting Overview:

Tuesday, 14 May was the official start of the technical program with welcomes from the WAA Chair Sunil Abayratna, Nicholas Blake AGN LONDON, and the AGN MEMBER FIRM BASED IN JORDAN, ADEL HABIB. 

The most compelling presentation of the entire meeting was next with Dr. Issam Ayoubi . A fascinating presentation about “Why do some business fail and other succeed” while outlining the book “Business Model Generation” written by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur in a way that captured all attendees’ attention immensely and gave us vision, insight and inspiration. Dr. Ayoubi said: “You need to put one picture in your mind to how the business works.” He then explained: “a business model can best be described through nine basic building blocks that show the logic of how a company intends to make money. The nine blocks cover the four main areas of business: customers, offer, infrastructure and financial viability. The business model is like a blue print for a strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes and systems.” He then discussed briefly the nine building blocks: 1. CUSTOMER SEGMENTS, 2. VALUE PROPOSITON, 3. CHANNELS, 4. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS, 5. REVENUE STREAMS, 6. KEY RESOURCES, 7. KEY ACTIVITIES, 8. KEY PARTNERSHIPS, 9. COST STRUCTURE. then we executed all the 9 concepts through productive work groups. 

Completing Monday’s program we all enjoyed a dinner at the Panorama Dead Sea restaurant; a fine dining restaurant with an amazing sunset view.

Wednesday, 15 May, several members from different countries gave an overview on their firms.

Members then resolved all the internal matters of AGN WAA and created real value for the future of AGN WAA.

Meeting in the Dead Sea-Jordan was a truly delightful experience for AGN delegates and they look forward to the 2014 regional meeting in Dubai.