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ADEL HABIB & CO.Celebrating 70 Years

Anniversary Message

The year 2013 marks the 70th anniversary of the foundation of Adel Habib & Co.

For over 70 years Adel Habib & Co. has been the epitome of Audit, Assurance and Business Advisory Services - A byword for outstanding quality and personalized services.

Our Professionals who answered all the challenges posed by the continuing changing economics with spectacular performance made the success story appreciated by our clients to this day. 

Adel Habib & Co. accounting and audit services are designed to address both statutory obligations and business objectives. They include audit and compliance work, diagnostic studies and business control reviews, investigations and accountancy advice.

Our experienced professionals are guided by our Five Values: Excellence, Integrity, Responsibility, Objectivity and Relationships. We constantly strive to put our Values in Action in everything we do: providing innovated unparalleled professional services to our clients.

Message from the Partners:

We as Partners are delighted to share with you more than 70 years of pioneering achievements of Adel Habib & Co. we are committed to have direct and deep knowledge with the strategic aspects of all client engagements and this insures that we have an intimate knowledge of your business-not only through operations, but also through individual vision, aspiration and personal priorities.

For over 70 years of practice, our esteemed clients have come to recognize the value of Adel Habib & Co. name in the facilitation of professional services. We are proud to provide these services in a manner that continues to earn our acclaimed reputation, particularly in these uncertain times, a continuing commitment to excellence by each and every member of our firms team is our passion.

Being part of AGN International offers us an unrivalled opportunity to offer our clients 
a Top Quality, Professional Services throughout the World.

AGN International Ltd–is a leading International Association of Accounting and Consulting Firms based in London, England. And as a member of AGN International, we consult and partner with:

One of the top 5 Accounting Associations in the world

Comprising of some:

204 Members and affiliates, in

93 Countries, with

478 offices locations, and some

12,000 total partners & staff

And turnover amounted to some US$1.7 billion 

Our position lies in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients and an emphasis on delivering value in all we do. We share our knowledge and expertise to help you reach the goals you set for your business.